Image of Laura Lamb BS, LMT, MFR Expert

Laura Lamb, Owner of The Heart Space is excited to be carrying on the legacy of Kathy Monkman Higham LMT, with her Myofascial Release practice.


Laura Lamb has been mentored and trained by some of the finest movement educators, anatomists, kinesiologists, physicians, body workers & master Pilates teachers in the country.  John F. Barnes, Kathy Monkman Higham, Irene Dowd, Rebecca Ditzel, Cara Reeser, Dr. Doreste are to name a few.


Laura’s mission is to empower others by enabling them to find the endless potential of their freely moving body. 


In order to accomplish her patients’ goals, Myofascial Release, Cranial Release Technique and Pilates methods are used. 


Laura is dedicated to helping her clients find their body’s innate healing abilities, freeing their bodies of pain, limitations from scar tissue and injuries.


Laura is a product of the work she performs in her clinic.  Her personal journey is a testament to its effectiveness.  In her early 20’s Laura was an avid body builder, swimmer and dancer.  One day while going through a routine set of squats in her “leg day” routine, Laura lost control of her weight lifting form for what felt like a second.  That second changed her life as she knew it forever.  As Laura lost control, she and the weights went down and didn’t come back up.  Her initial response, was to power up and out of it… but she couldn’t no matter how hard she tried.  She was eventually freed of the weights from her spotting partner.  After that moment, the soft tissue in her hips was damaged in such a way that caused Laura a misalignment of her hips and legs and severe nerve pain.


Laura immediately sought out the best treatments the medical community had to offer.  She consulted with Osteopaths, Chiropractors and pain specialists to no avail.  The best any of them had to offer was suggesting she get steroid shots 4 times a year in addition to taking heavy duty prescription pain pills for the rest of her life and wearing an orthotic lift.  Laura didn’t accept this as a long-term solution to her physical pain.  She also didn’t accept the prognosis that she would no longer be able to do the activities that she loved such as swimming and dancing.  From that point, she began seeking out other alternative treatment options.  That’s when she discovered the healing potential of Cranial Release Technique (CRT), Myofascial Release Technique (MFR) and Pilates.


Laura offers a variety of advanced treatments and movement education as part of her commitment to serving the community by ensuring her clients received the highest quality of care tailored to their individual needs.

Laura Lamb LMT, Expert level John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Practitioner